NOPD Veteran Announces Retirement


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December 5, 2015



After 40 years of service, former Deputy Superintendent Bruce E. Adams will retire from the New Orleans Police Department.


New Orleans, LA – Law Enforcement Veteran Bruce E. Adams announced his retirement from the New Orleans Police Department on Saturday, December 5, 2015.

Adams has been with the department for over 40 years, working his way up the ranks as a patrol officer, sergeant, lieutenant, captain and deputy chief. During his tenure with NOPD, Adams was a member of the department’s Urban Squad (1976-1980); a detective in the Felony Action Squad, an elite and very aggressive unit in the late 70’s and early 80’s who performed extensive undercover work to apprehend criminals with felonies (1980-1981); a detective with the SWAT/Street Crimes Special Operations Division (1981-1985); a commander of various divisions within the department from 1985 to 2005; and from 2005-2007 Adams was appointed Deputy Superintendent of the Public Integrity Bureau. Until his retirement, he was the last original member, still working with the department, of the Urban Squad and Felony Action Squad.

Adams was the first African-American commander of the NOPD’s detective bureau for the robbery and narcotics divisions, and under his leadership, the first FBI/NOPD Violent Crime/Fugitive Task Force was developed; a unit that Adams commanded and wrote the program for.

Adams has received numerous awards and recognitions for his commitment and excellence in law enforcement, including, just to name a few: the National Top Cops Award from the National Association of Police Organizations; the Police & Firefighter’s Heroes Hall of Fame Award; and two Purple Hearts for incidents in which Adams was shot while in the line of duty.

His commitment to excellence and accountability is evidenced in his countless hours of law enforcement training with NOPD, the National FBI Academy, the National DEA Academy, and in anti-terrorist tactics. Since 2007, Adams has served as an adjunct professor of criminal justice with Concordia University and Southern University.

“During my service with the New Orleans Police Department, I have been shot four times in two separate incidents, I have delivered a countless number of babies, and I’ve witnessed the joys and the trials this department has endured over the last 40 years. This department has been a major part of my life for four decades, and so to retire from NOPD is the second hardest thing I’ve had to do; with the burial of my mother being the first,” said Adams. “I’m a native of this city and love it dearly. I’ve loved protecting my home and would do this job for free if I could. That’s how much I love what I do. It’s been an honor to protect and serve the city of New Orleans.”


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Former Deputy Superintendent Bruce E. Adams


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