Graphic and Multimedia Designer

Position Opening:

March 1, 2018

Position Title:

Graphic and Multimedia Designer

Position Description and Responsibilities:

The Graphic and Multimedia Designer is responsible for the general direction, design, development, maintenance and production of a variety of graphic design and multimedia projects: Graphic Designs, Video and Audio Productions, Animations, Still Photography and other multimedia specialties. The Graphic and Multimedia Designer would also perform related duties as required.

Education and Training:

A bachelor’s degree is preferred, but job knowledge with professional experience may be considered.

Applicant must have a demo of previous works: demo must demonstrate and clearly outline projects produced by the applicant.

How To Apply:

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BAMM Communications, LLC – Graphic and Multimedia Designer

Agency Function: Creative

Level of Experience: Designer

This will provide guidelines for understanding the Graphic and Multimedia Designer’s responsibilities.  These guidelines may change to meet the specific business needs of the Company.

REPORTS TO:  the Creative Director


DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES (Any one position may not include all of the listed duties, nor do all of the listed examples include all tasks which may be found in positions within this classification.)

Graphic Design/Print Materials

  • Creates and provides print-based flyers, logos, programs, training materials, newsletters, packaging, billboards, bus ads, and other print documents using professional page layout and graphic design software;
  • Edits and manipulates photos;
  • Composes, edits, and proofreads copy for accuracy, grammar, punctuation, consistency, and formatting;
  • Consults with marketing department and commercial printers regarding format and print specifications.

Video/Audio Production.

  • Using Adobe After Effects, edits special effects, composition, and design of video and audio productions.

Multimedia Development/Design

  • Designs and develops multimedia-based layouts, graphics, animation, info-graphics, video, sound and/or content for clients’ use in presentations, video productions, multimedia programs, online tutorials, websites, CDs, DVDs, and other electronic media;
  • Works with clients and project team to review and recommend design options, functionality, and programming needs;
  • Develops layout design and concept, selects and secures appropriate illustrative materials to be used;
  • Create illustrations for video animations in both printed and digital designs;
  • Create engaging animations;
  • Take still photographs and retouch photos;
  • Maintains and updates websites;



Any combination of education and training which demonstrates the ability to perform the duties and responsibilities as described. Advanced coursework in multimedia, graphic design, and Web design is desirable. Skilled in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere

Training and Experience
Progressively responsible experience in the conceptualization, design, and production of animation, graphics, web and print materials; experience in a non-linear video and audio editing/production and/or Web development environment.

Knowledge of:
color theory, layout and graphic design principles, typography, animation techniques; principles and operation of the Internet; current technology in advanced video streaming and animation/interactive content delivery techniques; audio/visual equipment; preparing files for Adobe Media Server.

Software: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Dreamweaver, Flash, After Effects, Acrobat Professional, Adobe Edge Animate, Microsoft Office, Adobe Premiere, iMovie, GarageBand, Sorenson Squeeze, iTunes, Indesign, Pro Tools, QuickTime, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) applications.

Skill and Ability to:
Operate a variety of computer platforms and operating systems including Mac OS and Windows; operate peripheral equipment including printers, CD and DVD burners and duplicators, scanners, Wacom drawing tablet, audio recording equipment, and digital projectors; creatively translate abstract concepts into effective visual form in a variety of media; adapt graphics to fit needs of clients and target audience; utilize state of the art production tools to design, edit, and produce video, audio, and graphic materials; communicate effectively in both oral and written form; compose and edit written materials; explain technical concepts in non-technical terms to staff and customers; research and learn new software and adapt to changes in technology; prioritize, organize, and schedule work assignments and projects; work individually on multiple projects in a deadline-driven environment; establish and maintain cooperative working relationships with those contacted during the course of work.